Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Johnny English Reborn.

First I would like to say thank you to Omy because I was invited by Omy to watch Mr Bean new movie - Johnny English Reborn. Actually is part 2 and I didn't know got part 1. It was very funny movie. Trust me you won't regret after you watch this movie. I love it very much and I really enjoy to watch the movie.
Need to tell you, this is my first time watch movie @ The Grand Cathay. Inside very big sia... and looks class too.

I'm sooo excited to watch the movie. The movie was start about 8pm, we keep laughing laughing when the Johnny English make some funny thing.

Me with the Johnny English Reborn movie ticket

me and bf

I love this part... all laugh non-stop.

Below is the movie trailer.... Hope you enjoy the movie.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hub It! - Love Tail

Recently me and bf join a contest call Hub It! challenge- Love Tail.
It's a virtual love story that StarHub, who is running Singapore's first interactive commercial, hopes will create lots of brand publicity for them.
The contest is about a dog call Sparky want us help and find his love.Before you start to play the contest you need to download Starhub Hub It app and the commercial will premiere on Aug 26 and run until Sept 10 at 8pm sharp. Each day during that period, clues and hints will be revealed on the Hub It! app and on StarHub's Facebook page. Who's the FAST solve the clue and can WIN awesome prize like MacBook Air (today’s prize btw), iPad2, BlackBerry Playbook, Xbox with Kinect, a giganormous Samsung 3D TV and more. On the final day who's the FIRST person to find Sparky's puppy love will bag $10,000 in cash. is $10,000 CASH. How I wish I can win $10,000.
Too bad... $10,000 is on other people hand ald.
BUT is ok cause I won a smartphone during the contest, previously I got post in my blog... you can go check it out.

So the final contest is on last saturday, we wake up very early prepare everything and go McD having our breakfast while waiting Starhub giveus the final clue at 8am sharp. Lucky we choose go the place. Cause is very convenient for us to travel. MRT is the best for us to travel. I love Singapore MRT.
After we manage solve the clue, we faster take mrt go to the checkpoint.
Reach there about 8 plus, submit the form to them and start to solve another 4 clue to find the poodle. is Not easy to solve. We travel here travel there, run here and run there...Very tiring. But worth it jz because want to win the $10,000.After we solve the 3rd clue, me and honey faster run to the 4th place to solve the clue, when we run the starhub starff keep follow and record us, very funny leh... Dunno whether will post up the video onot...? If have, will show you guys. I scared I look ugly. RUN LIKE HELL.
So when we reach the final place, another staff told us we still need to get the final stamp then can go to the final check point. We feel a bit disappointed on us, cause we didn't really go basement check. The final stamp is at BASEMENT...arggggghhhh!!!! WHY WHY WHY.... I want the $10,000 T_T
After we get the stamp and finish submit the lucky draw...

take pic with the $10,000.

before start lucky draw we went to basement take picture with the poodle, is Sparky GF. lolz!!!!

you see poodle so cute...

It was FUN to join this contest, they got free goodie bag for 300 person, they also provide lunch, ice-cream and drink.

The lucky start 12 plus, first 30 person get a chance to win but we didn't win anything.
The 1st winner is very LUCKY.... he win the $10,000 and also win the VAIO Laptop.
OMG!!! why he so lucky..... must be before the day start the final he pray to the god. hahaha!!! I also got mayb I not enough sincere. HAHAHAHA!!!
Anyway, Congratulation to the BIG WInner. Hmmm.... how he going to use the money?
Before end this post, below is the video of Sparky meet his gf at bus stop.

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Monday, September 12, 2011


怎么我讲了那么多废话。。。 哈哈!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wedding Lunch

Jz wake up after take short nap, now having maggie mee and now update some new post.
Yesterday and today wake up early and I so tired cause not enough time for me to slp.
This morning with honey went to Grand Hyatt hotel attend honey relative wedding.

Me and Honey

Before start to serve the dish, the bride and groom do registration and exchange their ring. This is my 1st time see a bride and groom do ROM and wedding lunch do at the same day. But I prefer wedding dinner if I married. I always like to see the bride and groom wedding picture and the video all I attend the wedding.

Sorry that didn't taking food picture but all the food taste not bad.
Wedding dinner end around 3 plus and we take bus (rent by them) went home.
(sorry all picture blur cause take by my iPhone)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy B'day Clovis

I better update my blog now, if not no time for me to update. I will be very busy on this weekend. 'Pray Hard'
On Tuesday is my nephew 7th b'day, me and bf go my aunt house celebrate my nephew b'day.
They are cute and funny, especially the younger nephew. He very active and always like to bully his mother. lolz!!!

Picture time...

Birthday Boy Doreamon Cake.

You see the little more excited that the b'day boy.... haha!!!
He want to faster blow the candle.

B'day boy holding the present from me. He like it very much.
After I give the present to the b'day boy...
Little Brother: Gor... faster open the present... I want to know what is inside.
(keep asking brother open non stop)
B'day boy: wait 1st lah.... I ask mummy 1st. haha!!!

I like this picture... Looks like a family. hehe!!!

Before end this post, share a funny video with you guys.
Please watch it, sure u won't regret....

Monday, August 29, 2011


Yeah... Tomorrow no need to work cause is Hari Raya Puasa.
Want to say Selamat Hari Raya to all my secondary friend and also my colleague ^^